Video Editing Samples

Automotive Editing

This 10for10 Series I edited, colored, and produced with Pedal Commander.

Samples of my most recent video editing work. I did all of the editing, graphics, color grading, sound mixing, and producing for these videos.

Narrative Film Editing

This is the opening scene from the short film I shot, edited, directed, color graded, and produced, The Overloaded Man. The film was shot on 4K Panasonic cameras and completed in 4K.

Music Video Editing

This is a live performance music video I completed at Berklee Night for artist, La Femme Pendu. I directed, shot, edited, and colored this video. The editing was completed in Adobe Premiere with final color being performed in DaVinci Resolve. The video is viewable at up to 4K resolution.

This is a performance video I directed, shot, edited (in Adobe Premiere), and colored (in Davinci Resolve). I was provided the final sound mix by the amazing musician and sound engineer, Guy Prall. The video is viewable at up to 4K resolution.

Documentary Editing

I did all of the editing, sound effects, sound mixing, subtitles, lower thirds (accomplished in a combination of Premiere and After Effects) and color correction (completed in DaVinci Resolve) in the sample of Cojot above. I coordinated with director Boaz Dvir and his producers on a regular basis during my tenure on the project.

I worked on Cojot for over 3 years as an Editor and Motion Graphics Artist. The film tells the amazing story of Michel Cojot, a Holocaust survivor who went on to help Israel succeed in the daring Entebbe raid in 1976.

I’m credited as an Editor on the film on IMDB:

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